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Kleeberg Quartier GmbH
Am Kleeberg 37
33178 Borchen
Fon: +49 5251 750610
Fax: +49 5251 750613

AG Paderborn

HRB 12086

Company Headquarters

Managing Board

Jörg Fischlein
Ralf Swiercz

Disclaimer for content created by Kleeberg Quartier GmbH

The content published on this Web site has been thoroughly researched and checked and accurately transcribed. However, the possibility of errors or inaccuracies of the published information cannot be fully excluded. Please send any remarks or suggested amendments to Despite our constant care and maintenance of this Website, we cannot assume liability for its accuracy and completeness, nor for the up-to-dateness of any information published on it. In particular, paderlager assumes no liability for damages caused by or any other consequences of the direct or indirect use of the published content.

Disclaimer regarding cross-references and links

Kleeberg Quartier GmbH is according to law responsible for the content it itself created for general use. Cross-references to content on other Web sites must be recognized as being distinct from the content created by Kleeberg Quartier GmbH. Neither does this external content originate with Kleeberg Quartier GmbH nor is it possible for Kleeberg Quartier GmbH to influence the content or form of such third party sites. Any external content to which pasderlager presents links does not reflect the opinion of paderlager and is presented merely for informational reasons and to reflect wider contexts. These remarks hold for all links and references on this Web site and as for entries in all interactive content elements presented by Kleeberg Quartier GmbH. The owner of the external Web page to which any reference refers is solely responsible for any illegal, incorrect, or incomplete content and in particular for any damages incurred as a result of the use of such information.

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

All information published on this Web site (layout, text, pictures, tables, etc.) are protected by copyright law. Any use of this information in a manner disallowed by copyright law requires the explicit approval of Kleeberg Quartier GmbH. This holds particularly for copying, editing, translation, storing, processing and reproduction of the Web site’s contents in databases and other electronic media or electronic systems.

Intellectual Property Rights

Kleeberg Quartier GmbH makes every effort to ensure that the copyright laws for each image, illustration, sound and video sequence and text published on this Web site are respected and that the origin of each is properly referenced. All registered trademarks and brand names on this Web site are subject without restriction to any regulations pertaining to their registration and to the property rights of their respective owners. One should not assume that a trademark is not protected by the rights of third parties on the basis of the fact that they are named on this Website.

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