Space for your belongings and vehicles in Paderborn - Paderlager
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The rental process is easy, uncomplicated and fast. The areas can be rented for just one day or for multiple years and the lease agreements are customized specifically to your needs. Flexible cancellation periods allow you the perfect rental term.

Lease for a transition period

Sometimes life puts you in situations, where you quickly need space for your belongings. Imagine water damage at your home, in this case it is important to quickly store your furniture at a dry and safe place or another example, sometimes your rental agreements ends earlier than the agreement of your new home starts. Paderlager can store all your furniture temporarily.

You have full access to your belongings 365 days per year, 24 hours. This gives you the flexibility you need in these modern times.

Lease for a longterm period

Many homes do not have an attic or basement anymore. Where can you store your roof rack, surfboard, ski, luggage, etc.? Or do you enjoy to keep the things that remind you of the memorizable events in your past? Just rent your personal storage space for everything that is important, but just does not fit in your home.

Do you plan a longterm trip abroad? Paderlager can store all your belongings while you are away.

Lease on a seasonal basis

No matter if you need space for your outdoor furniture during winter or if you need to store your snow tires during summer, we got you covered. With Paderlager you have the option to rent your personal space for specific months every year.

Car spaces

We offer you space for your cars, bikes, boats, trailers, caravans or campervans. Also vehicles with a seasonal license plate, that are not allowed to be parked on public spaces during the idle periods, can be parked in our indoor and outdoor spaces.